Pilot Academy

Sydney Seaplanes Pilot Academy can provide training from initial seaplane endorsements right through to advanced training in the C-208 amphibious Caravan. Our courses are flexible and designed to meet the needs of the student, we also offer refresher training for people who already hold float endorsement, need to regain currency or simply can’t get enough of flying seaplanes!

We have a range of aircraft available to provide training - from the amphibious Cessna 206H with G1000 avionics, to the classic and most popular seaplane in the world the De Havilland Beaver to the largest single engine seaplane in production, the amphibious C208 Caravan.

Sydney Seaplanes is dedicated to providing the highest standard of seaplane training, our instructors are all experienced commercial seaplane pilots and have thousands of hours flying the aircraft in which you will be trained. They have operated these aircraft throughout the world in all conditions and environments from open water to confined lakes.