No transport on earth is as exciting or romantic as flying a seaplane - it conjures up images of exquisite luxury and unhurried lifestyle. However, setting up a seaplane company is not quite as much fun: it calls for a high level of technical, regulatory and logistical expertise, physical assets such as aircraft and qualified pilots, the list goes on and on... You could turn to a number of different consultants, each of whom would provide a solution in their area of specialty, but you can just imagine how cumbersome, time-consuming and costly that could become. Instead, you could consider the services of Sydney Seaplanes Global group. Sydney Seaplanes is the only company in the world that offers a complete advice, implementation and training package to help you set up a seaplane operation from scratch, saving you both time and money. We are unique among consultants because we actually run a highly successful seaplane operation in Sydney, Australia – we know everything there is to know from hands-on experience in one of the most stringent regulatory environments. Pilot training is conducted on our aircraft by specialist, experienced instructors, before advanced line training is completed in your aircraft in your environment. Our unblemished safety record, numerous national awards and commercial success are a result of our people’s competence, experience and expertise. The same people are now consulting and training start-up seaplane businesses around the world, tailoring our processes to local needs and conditions. The aim is to replicate our success in Sydney, and we’ve done just that for a number of happy clients.